Gripping News: Mini Adds All-Wheel-Drive Option to New Clubman  Jan 20th, 2016 
It’s never too early to get a grip, literally and figuratively, so we’re happy to report that just as the slick, new Mini Clubman wagonette is landing in the U.S., Mini has announced that its all-wheel-drive system will be offered on the Clubman starting in April. Keen readers may remember that we had heard rumors of […] 
Gripping News: Mini Adds All-Wheel-Drive Option to New Clubman  Jan 20th, 2016 
Redesigned 2017 Hyundai Elantra Starts Under $18,000  Jan 20th, 2016 
The all-new 2017 Hyundai Elantra starts at $17,985, making it the second-cheapest compact sedan in the U.S. behind its Kia Forte sibling. Another five bucks gets you into a Dodge Dart, while $80 extra grants you access to this segment’s staple, the Toyota Corolla. But hey, presumably you’re somewhat curious about a Hyundai, so let’s […] 
Audi Nabs Q2, Q4 Badges from Fiat  Jan 20th, 2016 
If you like brainteasers, try to figure out the missing pieces in this: Q1, Q3, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9. You don’t have to work at the NSA to figure out that Q2 and Q4 are missing, although that seems to have eluded Audi’s trademark lawyers about a decade ago. Audi planned to show a […] 
Redesigned 2017 Hyundai Elantra Starts Under $18,000  Jan 20th, 2016 
The Cover-Up  Jan 20th, 2016 
Da Man suspects General Motors’ multi-million dollar recall settlement won’t be the last the industry hears of manufacturers hiding defects that could potentially harm customers. 
2016 Aston Martin DB9 GT: Aging Gracefully  Jan 19th, 2016 
The Aston Martin DB9 is a bit of an enigma. Introduced in 2003, the Henrik Fisker–designed two-plus-two was rightly heralded as a triumph for the esoteric British sports-car brand, boasting a solid, aluminum-intensive structure; a glorious, high-revving V-12; and those drool-worthy looks. That form language has since been applied to the two-seat V8/V12 Vantage, scaled […] 
Because Camo! Chevrolet Silverado Realtree Edition Is Happening  Jan 19th, 2016 
Clearly understanding that there can never be too many ways to keep its Silverado pickup interesting, Chevrolet has been rolling out a steady stream of special editions, each with its own thematic paint-and-stripe jobs and names like “Blackout,” “Rally Edition,” and our favorite, “Special Edition.” Surprising no one, then, Chevy has announced yet another special […] 
Master of His Domain: $10 Million Worth of Jerry Seinfeld Porsches Headed to Auction  Jan 19th, 2016 
BMW i3 EV to Offer 50 Percent More Range for 2017  Jan 19th, 2016 
BMW sells its future-think i3 as both a regular EV and as an EV with an onboard gasoline engine that functions as a range-extender. The current, EV-only version has a stated range of 81 miles, but according to a report in Automotive News, that figure is set to increase by 50 percent—to approximately 120 miles—come […] 
Audi Chief Thinks Diesel Has a Future in the U.S.  Jan 19th, 2016 
Do diesel cars have a future in the U.S.? The Volkswagen emissions scandal is still rumbling on like a vast, sooty mess, and plenty of pundits are predicting the end for compression ignition in smaller vehicles. Not Audi, though, with the president of Audi USA, Scott Keogh, saying last week in Detroit that he thinks […] 
Master of His Domain: $10 Million Worth of Jerry Seinfeld Porsches Headed to Auction  Jan 19th, 2016 
As a lifelong Porsche-phile, Jerry Seinfeld has spent decades assembling one of the most revered and comprehensive collections of Porsche automobiles in existence. Now, the comedian and host of the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee web series is letting a few of those prized vehicles trickle back into circulation, starting with a 1955 Porsche 550 […] 
2016 Aston Martin DB9 GT: Aging Gracefully – First Drive Review  Jan 19th, 2016 
Up to 700,000 Renaults to Get Emissions Fix After Office Raid  Jan 19th, 2016 
  Following a raid of its offices by French officials, Renault will recall 15,800 Captur SUVs and offer an emissions software update for up to 700,000 cars, according to a Bloomberg report. Renault, however, maintains that it didn’t cheat emissions testing like Volkswagen did with its 2.0-liter TDI diesel engines. Renault, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz have […] 
Priority One Offers New F&I Products for RV, Marine Dealers  Jan 19th, 2016 
The F&I outsource company for the recreational vehicle industry announced new F&I products for RV and marine dealers through a joint partnership with Protective APD. The new offerings are available in 11 states. 
GoMoto, Market Scan Develop New Sales Experience for Kuni Honda  Jan 19th, 2016 
The dealership will utilize GoMoto’s HUBs, large-format kiosks and mobile software, combined with Market Scan’s application to personalize a consumer’s buying experience. 
Cox Names Eric Jacobs Senior Vice President of Corporate Development  Jan 19th, 2016 
Dealertrack's former CFO will lead strategic business development across Cox Automotive, including mergers and acquisitions. 
Wash. Dealer Ordered to Pay $74,000 for Deceptive Advertising  Jan 19th, 2016 
Rairdon’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Kirkland agreed to pay $35,125 in civil penalties and $39,210 in costs and fees. The dealership was charged with violating the state's Consumer Protection Act for sending out 7,025 promotional mailers that mimicked official NHTSA recall notices. 
Vehicle Reliability a Growing a Concern for Car Buyers, J.D. Power Finds  Jan 19th, 2016 
The J.D.Power 2016 U.S. Auto Avoider Study examined the reasons consumers purchased, rejected and avoided models in the marketplace during 2015. According to the survey, vehicle reliability has become a top consideration. 
ADESA Names New Executive Director of Dealer Relations  Jan 19th, 2016 
The KAR Auction Services business unit has promoted Ryan Warzynski to executive director of dealer relations, a role in which he will manage all of ADESA’s dealer contact centers for vehicle inventory at the company’s auction locations across the country. 
Q Won’t Quit: Infiniti Defends Naming Strategy, Promises to Communicate It Better  Jan 19th, 2016 
We have no doubt the letter Q has its fans, and not just among those who play competitive Scrabble. But this be-tailed O has long been shorthand for the deliberately dull. Back in WWII, Q-ships were merchantmen with hidden deck guns that tried to lure U-boats to their doom, and in Britain “Q-car” is still terminology for […] 
The Opel GT—It’s Coming Back  Jan 19th, 2016 
Decades ago, when Opel was really cool, it offered a two-door coupe called the GT. Based on a compact rear-wheel-drive architecture, it wowed the automotive world with its sensual lines—which to some gave it the appearance of a mini Corvette. It was affordable and quick, with a top speed of 115 mph on the top-of-the-line […] 
Hyundai To Take On BMW M4 with N-tuned Genesis Coupe  Jan 19th, 2016 
Nobody can accuse Hyundai of lacking ambition. Not only will the newly announced upmarket Genesis range consist of six models by 2020, but we’ve also learned that Hyundai’s recently launched “N” performance division will be developing a model aimed at the BMW M4. The company’s recent hiring strategy makes clear where its ambitions lie. It poached […] 
Infiniti Executive Design Director Alfonso Albaisa on the Brand’s New Direction  Jan 18th, 2016 
After a stint meandering in the product wilderness, Infiniti is launching an offensive, featuring nine new or redesigned vehicles. We drove the QX30 late last year, and at the Detroit auto show, Infiniti officially unveiled the new Q60. The striking coupe—its design a collection of curves bisected by a strong, straight character line—suggests a new […] 
Mazda Has Been Shrewd, But It’s Also Been Lucky  Jan 18th, 2016 
One week before an orthopedic surgeon tunneled into my spine, my wife and I packed our two small parrots into a Mazda CX-3 for a trip to the Bay Area, where I was to drive the new Acura NSX. Of course, the NSX was memorable, as was a bungled attempt to sneak our squawking luggage […] 
Watch Your Donkey! George Barris SuperVan Headed to Barrett-Jackson  Jan 18th, 2016 
While the vannin’ craze didn’t fully flower in the American consciousness until emissions regulations sucked the fun out of muscle cars, George Barris was ahead of the game by a decade. In 1966, he took a Dodge A100 van, tore it down, and rebuilt it as the futuristic Love Machine, a conveyance that seemingly had […] 
Mazda, The Zoom-Zoom Company, Could Use a Second Zoom – Column  Jan 18th, 2016 
Survey Says! What Our Car-Shopping Survey Revealed About Enthusiasts vs. Non-Enthusiasts  Jan 18th, 2016 
Lawyers never ask questions without knowing the answers. We as journalists subscribe to the opposite view, but conducting a reader ­survey falls in between. With this one, we sought to tease out some numbers regarding car buying. Here’s one: 80 percent of respondents were “very satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with their dealership experience. If that […] 
2016 Ford Focus RS – First Drive Review  Jan 18th, 2016 
Ford Focus RS First Drive: The Beastly Megahatch Does Not Disappoint  Jan 18th, 2016 
The Ford Focus RS is a car that needs little introduction. Ford has been hyping its all-wheel-drive hatchback for pretty much a full year, most recently with a viral video campaign featuring more episodes than many HBO dramas. Like the two previous Focus RS models, it has been engineered primarily in Europe; unlike the earlier […] 
Porsche Working on 911 Plug-in Hybrid, Not a Full EV  Jan 18th, 2016 
Porsche is working on a plug-in-hybrid version of the next-generation 911, but we’re told that a pure EV hasn’t moved beyond the planning stage. Instead, the only EV in Porsche’s near future is the production version of the Mission E concept the company has already announced it is building. The company’s commitment to keeping six-cylinder […] 
Extra, Extra: Which Vehicle Models Get Fitted With the Most Options?  Jan 18th, 2016 
From the February 2016 issue When Mercedes-Benz brought out the CLA compact sedan for 2014, the company made a lot of fuss about how buyers could now get a sparkly new Mercedes for less than $30,000!* (*Not including the destination and delivery charge, natch.) But nobody was buying CLAs for even the $30,825 that a […] 
The Year Ahead: Part Two  Jan 16th, 2016 
Dealer operations expert concludes his two-part series on planning for 2016 with a discussion of topics relating to technology and data, mergers and acquisitions, and personnel. 
Driving the Metal  Jan 16th, 2016 
New-vehicle registration volume returned to pre-recession levels in the third quarter thanks to a creative and willing auto finance market. 
2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune First Drive: Far From Baja  Jan 15th, 2016 
Volkswagen wants all of us to remember the good ol’ days. You know, any time prior to September 2015, when the EPA dropped its NOx-hammer on the company’s dirty-breathing diesels. If you can’t bring yourself to forgive and forget so readily, VW is happy to guide you further down memory lane to the 1960s, when […] 
2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune Drive: Far From Baja – First Drive Review  Jan 15th, 2016 
Porsche Stays Committed to the Flat-Six for the 911  Jan 15th, 2016 
Few things are certain beyond death and taxes. But we can tentatively add the continuance of the Porsche 911’s character-defining flat-six engine to that list. That’s the reassurance we take from our interview with Erhard Mössle, engineering boss for the 911 Turbo, Carrera 4, and Targa, whom we spoke to at the Detroit auto show. […] 
Acura Precision Concept: Acura-te Predictor or Showy Chicanery?  Jan 15th, 2016 
It happens at every major auto show: Carmakers unveil sexy show cars destined to get watered down for production, or that have little relevance to any future production cars. Our friends at Acura have a history of building concepts that go nowhere—remember the terrifying Advanced Sedan Concept from 2006?—as well as show cars such as […] 
Dealer Summit 2016 to Host F&I Think Tank  Jan 15th, 2016 
The one-day preshow event was created in partnership with Ethical F&I Managers, a more than 5,000-member Facebook group created by F&I and Showroom’s ‘Mad’ Marv Eleazer. It’s scheduled for Tuesday, May 3, at the Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel. 
Watch Max Verstappen Drive His Formula 1 Car Up a Ski Slope  Jan 15th, 2016 
You already know that F1 cars are incredibly capable on the track, but have you ever wondered how an F1 car would do on snow? If so, wonder no more.  Max Verstappen has taken his Red Bull F1 car to a ski resort, fitted it with snow chains, and driven it like there’s nothing unnatural […] 
Nissan Builds Tracked Rogue, Instantly Makes Its Mainstream Crossover Cool  Jan 15th, 2016 
Nissan is starting to make a habit of swapping its crossovers’ wheels with snow tracks. Following last year’s tracked Juke Nismo RS, the company has unveiled a new tracked Rogue. The only difference? Whereas the Juke was built in Europe, and demonstrated in Finland, the newly tank-like Rogue was assembled by Motorsports in Action in […] 
New Mini Cooper, S, JCW Convertibles Priced, Start Under $27,000  Jan 15th, 2016 
Mini had let its Cooper convertible overripe in the sun, with that car’s older design continuing unchanged for two years after the third-generation hardtop models arrived for 2014. Now an all-new 2016 version is out—as is a new John Cooper Works, which is badged a 2017—and the good news is that prices haven’t strayed far […] 
New Mini Cooper, S, JCW Convertibles Priced, Start Under $27,000  Jan 15th, 2016 
Porsche CEO: Diesel Cayenne Emissions Fix Is In, Awaiting Approval from CARB, EPA  Jan 15th, 2016 
While the diesel-emissions scandal focus has largely focused on Volkswagen these past few months, remember that both Porsche and Audi are also swept up in the controversy thanks to a shared, non-emissions-compliant 3.0-liter diesel V-6. At the 2016 Detroit auto show, Porsche’s CEO Oliver Blume outlined in general terms his brand’s proposed fix to bring […] 
Google’s Latest Search Is for Automaker Partners  Jan 15th, 2016 
You kind of figured from the start of Google’s koala-shaped autonomous-car project that the search kingpin really just wanted to create and sell software, not build a production vehicle. That intention is now becoming more clear, so expect a few partnerships between Google and automakers to hit the news this year. The rumored Ford-Google deal […] 
Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid to Arrive in U.S. With “Made in China” Label  Jan 15th, 2016 
  A Chinese Cadillac? Sold in the U.S.? It’s about to happen, as the brand’s chief marketing officer Uwe Ellinghaus told Bloomberg that the CT6 plug-in hybrid sedan will only be built in China, and thus will be exported to the U.S. when it goes on sale later in 2016. Socket to Me: Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid […] 
First 2017 Ford Focus RS Exits Assembly Line, Deliveries Starting Soon  Jan 15th, 2016 
Fridays are great, but Fridays accompanied by good news are even better. Ford has a handle on the concept, having just announced that the very first salable 2017 Focus RS hot hatch has been assembled in Saarlouis, Germany. The 350-hp, all-wheel-drive rocket is now so close to your local dealership, you can almost taste its drift […] 
Nissan Builds Tracked Rogue, Instantly Makes Its Mainstream Crossover Cool  Jan 15th, 2016 
2017 Mini JCW Convertible Unveiled: More Power Under the Sun  Jan 15th, 2016 
If there are three things we can count on when it comes to a new Mini variant, they are 1) it will look cute, 2) it will be introduced in Cooper and Cooper S form, and 3) at some point, a more intense John Cooper Works version will appear, to push the model’s envelope in […] 
Jeep CEO: Hellcat-Powered Jeep Grand Cherokee Coming in 2017  Jan 14th, 2016 
From the things-we’ve-been-telling-you-for-more-than-a-year-and-are-now-pretty-much-confirmed department comes this: Jeep CEO Michael Manley says the long-speculated Hellcat-powered Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Trackhawk will happen, and it will arrive in 2017. The news comes from a video uploaded by journalist Brian Makse, who interviewed Manley at the 2016 Detroit auto show. When Makse asked Manley if a 6.2-liter supercharged […] 
2016 Jeep Cherokee Overland: The Grandest Not-Grand Cherokee  Jan 14th, 2016 
Up in New England, luxury SUVs sell like hot chowder in January, so it’s no surprise that Jeep chose the New England auto show in Boston as the venue to introduce the grandest Cherokee that’s not a Grand Cherokee: the 2016 Cherokee Overland. Wearing monochromatic paint, polished 18-inch wheels, and chrome accents, the Cherokee Overland looks spiffy […] 
Cruise Slip: Cadillac’s Semi-Autonomous Super Cruise Tech Won’t Arrive Until 2017  Jan 14th, 2016 
Those of you eager to experience The Future, in the form of Super Cruise, GM’s hands-free semi-autonomous cruise control, will have to wait a little longer than you might have expected. The feature, which debuts on the Cadillac CT6 and which was expected to arrive this year, won’t be offered until 2017, the company has confirmed. […] 
2016 Jeep Cherokee Overland: The Grandest Not-Grand Cherokee  Jan 14th, 2016 
Lincoln’s Chief Designer: We Don’t Want to Follow the Germans  Jan 14th, 2016 
It was launched in concept form at the New York auto show last year, and the series-production version was unveiled at the Detroit auto show this week. We are speaking, of course, about the Continental, Lincoln’s new flagship. We spent some time with the brand’s chief designer David Woodhouse, a Brit by birth but who has a deep […] 
GM Opening Up Its Pre-Owned Auction Cars For Public Sale  Jan 14th, 2016 
Unless you’re a registered dealer, you’re not allowed inside most used-car auctions, where a couple hundred thousand vehicles trade hands every week. But starting next month, General Motors will offer ordinary car-buying Americans their first peek at its private stash, named the “Factory Pre-Owned Collection.” For the first time, GM is making available to the […] 
Hyundai CEO: Santa Cruz Pickup Truck Headed For Production  Jan 14th, 2016 
If you were a big fan of the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck concept, then we have good news for you: The truck is going into production, and it’s only a matter of time before Hyundai makes the official announcement. Speaking to Australian press at the Detroit auto show, Hyundai USA CEO Dave Zuchowski said […] 
2017 Mini JCW Convertible: More Power Under the Sun – Official Photos and Info  Jan 14th, 2016 
Hearst Promotes Black Book's Cross to Group Head of Transportation  Jan 14th, 2016 
Tom Cross was named executive vice president and deputy group head of transportation for Hearst Business Media. He will retain his title of president of Black Book and will continue to report to Hearst President Richard P. Malloch. 
Autotrader: Consumers Want Advanced Safety Features on Their Next Vehicle  Jan 14th, 2016 
AutoTrader's 2016 Car Tech Impact Study showed that 77% of consumer surveyed will make in-car technology a bigger consideration than color on their next vehicle purchase. And what they want most are advanced safety features such as parking assist, collision avoidance and automatic braking. 
Limiting Chargebacks  Jan 14th, 2016 
By outlining your customers’ responsibilities and providing instructions for filing a claim, you can reduce chargebacks and keep the F&I revenue flowing. 
Controlling the Conversation  Jan 14th, 2016 
His Madness is tired of all this new-age F&I talk. He calls on F&I managers everywhere to change the conversation by upping their game in three critical areas. 
Your Year of Self-Discovery  Jan 14th, 2016 
The AFIP’s executive director offers a few ways F&I professionals can improve their performance and compliance acumen in 2016 
GM to Launch Online Shopping Portal for Low-Mileage Used Cars  Jan 14th, 2016 
General Motors' decision to open up its remarketing channel to consumers through an online car-buying portal may give dealers pause, but officials said the move is designed to help GM dealers compete with third-party sites that are disrupting the used-car market. 
LeMay Museum Drives Three Classic Cars from Tacoma to the Detroit Auto Show  Jan 14th, 2016 
Classic cars tend to congregate only in the most favorable environments: grassy lawns under warm, sunny skies, and far far away from the old-car kryptonite that is road salt. So when were told that the LeMay American car museum in Tacoma, Washington, had freed a trio of classic mid-century American rides from its collection and set […] 
LeMay Museum Drives Three Classic Cars from Tacoma to the Detroit Auto Show  Jan 14th, 2016 
I Try Ford’s Drugged-Driving Suit, Misery and Embarrassment Ensue  Jan 14th, 2016 
“They sort of all hit at the same time,” says the friendly Ford representative as he straps what feels like 20-some pounds of weight to my right forearm, when I ask in which order I would experience the simulated effects of marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroin, and ecstasy brought on by Ford’s “Drugged Driving Suit.” Or, at least, that’s […] 
Koenigsegg’s Camshaft-less Engine Explained, Watch It in Action [Video]  Jan 14th, 2016 
Suck, squeeze, bang, blow. These are the four cycles of the reciprocating, internal-combustion engine (ICE) Nikolaus Otto patented in the 19th century. The action of the intake valves that allow an engine to breathe and the exhaust valves that let it expel spent gases were, until very recently, defined by a shaft of eccentric lobes rotating twice […] 
Top 5 Reason To Get An Extended Auto Warranty by Delta Auto Protect  Jan 14th, 2016 
There are lots of questions one might ask themselves when looking into an extended auto warranty. That is why we here at Delta Auto Protect put together this little list of the top five reasons someone may get an extended auto warranty. 
LS Whee! Flyin’ Miata Putting Chevy V-8 in the New Mazda MX-5  Jan 13th, 2016 
We’ve been all up in the ha-ha woo-woos about the latest (ND) Miata since it was a twinkle in the eye of Mazda’s engineering staff. When Mazda announced that the ND would be more akin to the original NA model in weight and intent, one of our very next thoughts was: “We wonder what the […] 
AMG CEO: Extra-Burly AMG GT Confirmed, Electrification Likely  Jan 13th, 2016 
Mercedes-AMG CEO Tobias Moers has his nearly 40 models in global circulation and more coming. At the Detroit auto show, we commandeered this performance magician for a few minutes to see what’s hiding up his sleeve. C/D: How large is the AMG team? Tobias Moers: We’re building up to a total of 1500 employees, 800 of […] 
2016 Buick Envision: Hungry for a Third Crossover, Buick Orders Chinese Takeout  Jan 13th, 2016 
From the “Did You Know” file comes this surprising fact: 60 percent of Buick’s sales come from two crossovers, the aging, three-row Enclave and the itty-bitty Encore. And the crossover percentage is poised to grow even higher now that the new mid-size Envision is here to slide into the gap between the brand’s two existing […] 
BMW M3 and M4 Competition Package Announced, Brings 444 Horsepower  Jan 13th, 2016 
Nissan Adding New Compact Crossover, or Maybe Two, to U.S. Lineup  Jan 13th, 2016 
As Nissan comes off a record year for U.S. sales, executives want to add one—or maybe two—new compact crossovers to the U.S. lineup. Without naming specific vehicles or giving launch dates, Pierre Loing, Nissan’s vice president of product strategy, told us the company was looking at smaller crossovers to sell below the Rogue. That would […] 
12 Things to Know About Chevrolet’s $30,000 Bolt EV  Jan 13th, 2016 
2016 Buick Envision: Buick’s Third Crossover Arrives – Official Photos and Info  Jan 13th, 2016 
BMW M3 and M4 Competition Package Announced, Brings 444 Horsepower  Jan 13th, 2016 
The market for high-performance coupes and sedans is getting crowded, and competition is more fierce than ever. The segment’s godfather, the BMW M3 (and M4 coupe version), is under attack from the Cadillac ATS-V, the Lexus RC F, and the Mercedes-AMG C63; in 2017, there also will be a new Audi RS5. Now BMW is […] 
Judge Denies TrueCar’s Motion to Dismiss Dealer Lawsuit  Jan 13th, 2016 
A U.S. District judge denied TrueCar’s request to dismiss the lawsuit filed by 162 non-TrueCar dealers last March, but he did throw out four of the complaint’s six claims that the vehicle-buying site violated federal and New York laws by engaging in false and misleading advertising. 
Robertson to Offer Glimpse into Future at Dealer Summit  Jan 13th, 2016 
Organizers of Dealer Summit announced that David Robertson, longtime executive director of the Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals (AFIP), will present a session dedicated to regulatory compliance at the 2016 event, which will be held May 3–5 at the Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel. 
Second Time’s the Charm? BMW 5-series Gran Turismo Returning with Next Generation  Jan 13th, 2016 
Unfazed by criticism of the current model’s design, BMW is working on a replacement for the 5-series Gran Turismo, industry sources have told Car and Driver. The current model, which made its debut at the 2009 Frankfurt auto show, will get a successor some time after the launch of the next-generation 5-series sedan. The current […] 
A-List Communications' Supper Suite Welcomes Renewing Title Sponsor Kia Motors America and Culinary Partner The Church Key for Another Film Festival Feast  Jan 13th, 2016 
Opening Weekend of popular annual Film Festival in Park City, UT, JANUARY 22-25, 2016 
Attend Great American Motorcycle Show and Stay at Clarion Hotel & Conference Center North Atlanta  Jan 13th, 2016 
Clarion Hotel & Conference Center North Atlanta offers affordable lodging for the Great American Motorcycle Show on January 29-31, 2016. 
VW CEO Characterizes Diesel Scandal as a “Technical Problem,” Says Company Didn’t Lie  Jan 12th, 2016 
In a bizarre turn immediately following Volkswagen’s press conference at the 2016 Detroit auto show, the company’s CEO went from full apology mode to defiantly puzzling. In a post-conference interview with NPR, Matthias Müller claimed the whole diesel-emissions scandal could be attributed to a “technical problem,” not an intentional circumventing of the law. He added that […] 
Destino’s Child: The VLF Force 1  Jan 12th, 2016 
2017 Mercedes-AMG SLC43 Debuts: The Punkest SLC Gets Blown  Jan 12th, 2016 
Starting with the 2017 model year, the naturally aspirated V-8 will be dead at Mercedes. You’ll need to grab a 2016 SLK55 AMG to savor a turbo-free Benz eight-pot; that two-seater’s exclusive M152 5.5-liter V-8 makes that car an absolute hoot, and of course sounds fantastic. The 2017 Mercedes-AMG SLC43—the SLC-class is the replacement for […] 
Aston Martin’s New V-12 Loses Displacement, Gains Two Turbos  Jan 12th, 2016 
Aston Martin’s all-new DB11 sports car—the brand skipped from DB9 to DB11 because “DB10” was reserved for James Bond’s latest ride—will debut at the Geneva auto show in March. With it will be an equally fresh V-12 engine, only with a modern twist. Aston Martin has just confirmed that its favorite engine format, the V-12, will […] 
The 12 Cars You Must See from the 2016 Detroit Auto Show  Jan 12th, 2016 
VW’s Proposed TDI Diesel Fix Rejected by Regulators  Jan 12th, 2016 
The California Air Resources Board has rejected Volkswagen’s proposed fix for its 2.0-liter diesel engines, which exceed U.S. emissions limits, according to a report in Automotive News. Volkswagen says the rejected fix was submitted to regulators in December. The California state agency said the proposal was “incomplete, substantially deficient, and falls far short of meeting […] 
It’s Official: Jeep Wrangler Pickup Is Coming in 2017  Jan 12th, 2016 
The Jeep Wrangler pickup truck is really, finally happening. Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne and Jeep CEO Mike Manley confirmed at the Detroit auto show that it would reach production in late 2017. The Detroit News said more details would emerge later this month when FCA reveals its updated five-year product strategy to investors. But […] 
2017 Genesis G90 Sedan – Official Photos and Info  Jan 12th, 2016 
Destino’s Child: The VLF Force 1  Jan 12th, 2016 
Since the bankruptcy and sale of his eponymous Fisker Automotive, Henrik Fisker’s taken the opportunity to meander about a bit, producing the Mustang Rocket in conjunction with Southern California’s Galpin Auto Sports and attempting to launch the ill-fated Thunderbolt project, torpedoed by legal objection from his former masters at Aston Martin. Now he has leapt […] 
2017 Mercedes-AMG SLC43: Twin Turbos and a New Name – Official Photos and Info  Jan 12th, 2016 
Ford Mustang, F-150 Raptor Hit the Bricks with New Lego Sets  Jan 12th, 2016 
In its 50-plus-year history, the Ford Mustang has been rendered in miniature with countless model versions, but now for the first time, the Mustang has been rendered in Lego bricks. As part of its Speed Masters series, Lego has introduced a Mustang set—as well as one featuring the Ford F-150 Raptor. The Mustang kit comes […] 
RoadVantage Announces New F&I Bundle  Jan 12th, 2016 
RoadVantage has announced a new addition to its Preferred customizable bundles. The new offering adds environment interior and exterior coverage to a package that already includes tire-and-wheel protection, cosmetic/alloy wheel repair, windshield repair, dent and ding, key replacement and emergency roadside service. 
Outing the CFPB  Jan 12th, 2016 
The House Financial Services Committee’s decision to release confidential CFPB documents was a big win for the industry. But will it be enough to stop the bureau’s attack on dealer participation? 
Connection Commerce  Jan 12th, 2016 
The editor goes one-on-one with MakeMyDeal founder Mike Burgiss, who says his company is making progress in its drive to connect car buyers to dealers online. Can he do the same for F&I? 
Credibility Does Sell  Jan 12th, 2016 
Top trainer says rapport moves the metal, but credibility moves the paper. He lists five ways F&I managers can build product-moving credibility. 
2015 New-Vehicle Sales Reaches 17.5 Million Units  Jan 12th, 2016 
New-vehicle sales for 2015 totaled 17.5 million units, with the industry closing out the year with December sales of 1.6 million units, according to Autodata Corp. 
California Air Resources Board Rejects Volkswagen Recall Plan  Jan 12th, 2016 
CARB rejected Volkswagen's recall plan because it contained gaps and lacked sufficient detail. The agency said Volkswagen’s descriptions of proposed repairs lacked enough information for a technical evaluation and did not adequately address overall impacts on vehicle performance, emissions and safety. 
NADA Used Car Guide Introduces NADA Values Online  Jan 12th, 2016 
NADA Used Car Guide has replaced its NADA Online product with NADA Values Online, offering lenders and automotive dealers new features as well as a more streamlined experience. 
Report: A New Dodge Viper Is a Possibility  Jan 12th, 2016 
We were incredibly saddened to learn that the Dodge Viper would end production in 2017. Even more so than the Corvette, the Viper is arguably the last great American sports car, raising a proud middle finger to anyone or anything that questions its brashness. Despite that, it’s never been a sales success, leading Dodge to […] 
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